How to secure your first non-executive director role

Transition successfully to your portfolio career


What you will learn in this free webinar

In this 35-minute webinar, you will find out about:

- the NED role

- the principles that underpin the successful search for NED roles

- proven strategies to secure your first non-executive appointment

- the recommendations from the Professional Body for NEDs and board members and Institute of Board Members to step up your career


About NEDonBoard

NEDonBoard is the professional body for non-executive directors and board members. NEDonBoard is a membership organisation.

The NEDonBoard mission is to accelerate sustainability and development.

NEDonBoard does this by sharing wisdom and insights across generations of board decision-makers. NEDonBoard support board members responsible for the strategic direction of businesses. NEDonBoard promotes modern and contemporary business governance practices.


NEDonBoard is the Institute of Board Members. The Institute maintains the oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct, practice of non-executive directors and board members. The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation.

NEDonBoard is the authoritative platform made by board members for board members.


NEDonBoard’s operating pillars are: 

Connection:  NEDonBoard connects businesses and organisations with the community of non-executive directors and board members.

Knowledge:  NEDonBoard serves NEDs, board members, businesses and organisations seeking professional development. We promote contemporary business governance practices.

Authority: NEDonBoard sets practices for effective, strong and modern governance.

NEDonBoard entered the list of 100 most influential membership bodies.


Presented by


Elise Perraud

Elise Perraud is NEDonBoard’s Chief Operations Officer. Since joining the UK professional membership and development body for non-executive directors and board members, she has supported seasoned professionals looking to transition with confidence and success to non-executive directorship. She is also involved with the community of experienced non-executive directors to set practices for strong, effective and modern governance.

Elise is risk manager and governance practitioner by background with 15 years of experience with Goldman Sachs and Rothesay Life (insurance spin-off of Goldman Sachs). She advises organisations on their governance framework and arrangements. She is also a non-executive committee member of a large UK chartered institute.



NEDonBoard webinar

"I learnt a lot, especially regarding identifying classic mistakes and developing my unique value proposition. I look forward to continuing my learning", J. Soper

"I attended the NED webinar which I found useful as an introduction to NEDonBoard and the process in general", A. Coates, Commercial Director and aspiring NED

"Very clear and elegant materials", J. Dunlop

"Thank you for an excellent intro, most useful & lots to follow-up on", R. Mitchell

"The webinar was very interesting", R. Harwood, Director and aspiring NED

"Excellent. Thank you for your inspiration", S. McEvoy

 "Thank you for the webinar I really enjoyed it, a great introduction and overview!", S. Borrill

"Thank you very much for the webinar, it was useful information", B. Stundner 

"Great webinar today – thanks!", R. Madlani

“Thank you so much for a most informative session”, K. Goatley

Very interesting. Thank you!”, J. Rawlingson


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