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The path to becoming a non-executive director is much more predictable than you might think!

Today non-executive director practice is moving away from end-of-career thinking to positive career choice. With the proper guidance, strategies, and qualification, a business leader, like you, can secure a first appointment and build a portfolio of non-executive director roles within a few months.

The on-demand webinar is designed for business leaders, executives and consultants looking to secure a first non-executive role and wanting to understand the recruitment process.


In less than 30 minutes, you will uncover:

10 reasons to become a non-executive

The pillars of successful searches for NED roles

Classic mistakes of first-timers

Strategies to fast-track your journey to the boardroom

Key components of the roadmap from aspiring to appointed NED

How to source roles on offer


In you are new to non-executive directorship, then watch this short video explaining the differences between the executive and non-executive roles.


This short webinar offers a fast and easy method to evaluate whether you are ready to start your non-executive career journey.

The webinar is free and available on demand. After completing the webinar, you will get direct (and preferential) entry to our NED Accelerator® Programme, our flagship CPD eligible professional qualification course (introduced at the end of the webinar). Please read NED Accelerator course description and fees here.


The webinar is delivered by the NEDonBoard COO, a governance practitioner, executive board member, non-executive committee member and board trustee

Elise Perraud is NEDonBoard’s Chief Operations Officer. Since joining NEDonBoard, the Institute of Board Members, she has supported seasoned professionals looking to transition with confidence and success to non-executive directorship. She is also involved with the community of experienced non-executive directors to set practices for strong, effective and modern governance.

Presented by


Elise Perraud

Chief Operations Officer, NEDonBoard

Non-Executive committee member, CIMPSA

Trustee board member, EdUKaid

Former Chief Credit Officer (Rothesay Life) and Vice-President (Goldman Sachs)


About NEDonBoard

NEDonBoard, the Institute of Board Members is an independent membership organisation for non-executive directors and board members, approved as a professional membership and development body. As the Institute of Board Members, we maintain the oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct and practices of non-executive directors and board members.

The NEDonBoard mission is to accelerate sustainability and development. We influence and support board members responsible for the strategic direction of businesses by promoting modern, contemporary and best governance practices that balance people, planet and profit. Our mission aligns with Goal 16 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

What our alumni say about this webinar

"I cannot recommend NEDonBoard enough. I was told by numerous people it would take months to land my first role and through the help of NEDonBoard it took 6 weeks", G. Gray (link)

"Thank you for an excellent intro, most useful & lots to follow-up on", R. Mitchell

"Excellent. Thank you for your inspiration", S. McEvoy

 "Thank you for the webinar I really enjoyed it, a great introduction and overview!", S. Borrill

“Thank you so much for a most informative session”, K. Goatley

"I attended the NED webinar which I found useful as an introduction to NEDonBoard and the process in general", A. Coates

"Very clear and elegant materials", J. Dunlop


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